1. Respect For Other Users

All members of this Forum will respect the opinions and presence of other members of the Forum. You are welcome to engage in challenging and spirited debate with other users, but rudeness will not be tolerated. Name-calling, disrespecting other users or throwing personal insults against them will not be tolerated, either from an instigator -OR- from anyone who feels like they should respond to such instigation. Any form of correcting another user because of their grammar, punctuation, spelling or word choice is not allowed. Personal attacks of ANY kind are not allowed and users who violate this will be subject to having their access removed. If you have an issue with another user, contact a moderator or administrator, and let them handle it; do not take matters into your own hands in public.

2. Respect For New Members

Flaming new members for their ignorance on proper posting procedures, their grammar or spelling issues, or the content of their messages is expressly forbidden. You are welcome to debate and question them, but not to attack them for being new and unsure of our rules. We appreciate our members' concern for new members and invite everyone to welcome them as they arrive in the "Introduce Yourself!" welcome section.

3. Respect For Other People

Disrespectful personal comments about others, including public personalities (either involved in the creation of gamebooks or not), are not tolerated. You are welcome to discuss their work, criticise their abilities as writers/artists/etc., and comment on their merits/performance, but personal attacks against them -- anything regarded as a personal affront -- is expressly against our rules.

4. Respect For The Forum

Trolling (purposely posting messages designed solely to provoke strong reactions) will not be tolerated. The staff -- not the users -- will determine if someone is trolling. Members are also asked NOT to take moderation into their own hands by picking on other users; there is a "report post" button and our members are requested to click it and let us know there is an issue so that we, the staff, may take care of it. (Vigilante moderation is not permitted by our users.) Additionally, our members will practice common courtesy in dealing with the staff, other users and the administrators of this Forum, and likewise the staff of the Forum will treat its members with respect. It is important to remember that this Forum is run solely on a volunteer basis.

Constant and willful pushing against the limits described herein - what some would call "almost breaking the rules" - will not be tolerated.

You agree, through your use of the Forum, that you will not use Gallifrey Base to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, abusive, hateful, harassing, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise violative of any law. You agree not to post links that are designed to generate revenue (commission or affiliate links).

We do not permit registration or login via proxy anonymizers.

5. Respect For Copyright

Substantive violation of copyright in any way is expressly forbidden. Substantive violation includes the sale or trade of illegal merchandise, discussion of filesharing procedures involving gamebooks or any other copyrighted video or audio files, including the discussion of "torrenting" copyrighted files, discussion of bootleg trading (not including legitimate trading of legal merchandise) and other items prohibited by law. Discussions about trading books or video/audio on tape or disc (as opposed to online/download) are forbidden. Confrontational arguments about how a member is able to view any given television show or movie are not permitted. Links to online videos that violate copyright (such as YouTube clips) are forbidden, within reason; we recognize that YouTube polices itself, so we will deal with issues on a case-by-case basis.

Should enquiries be made by the gamebooks intellectual property owners about your email/IP address because of violations of our rules concerning the aforementioned copyrighted information, please note that we will cooperate with them fully.

Also, please note that the staff of Fighting Fantazine do NOT consider fan projects to be in violation of these rules; this includes fan videos, fan audios, fan fiction, fan illustration (artwork etc.) and so forth. (This is, of course, provided that the legitimate owners of the fan-created material have given their permission for its consumption.) Fan material is considered exempt and perfectly welcome in our Forum. However, fan videos that include copyrighted material are forbidden.

6. Respect For The Staff (Administrator and Moderators)

Fighting Fantazine is a fan website and community under the sole authority of its Administrator, and run with the aid of Moderators who act on the authority of the Administrators. At all times will members of this Forum follow the instructions of staff members. They are acting on behalf of the Directors and Administrators; questioning their actions or motivations in public messages is not welcome. Instead, should you have an issue with the way a staff member is behaving or disagree with their judgment, you are asked to please contact one of the Moderators or the Administrator via email or private message to express your concerns, instead of taking matters into your own hands. Our staff is entirely volunteer, and deserves the freedom to be able to do their volunteer jobs; at the same time, we recognize that not every decision is infallible, though we would like to be able to discuss the matter with you freely.

Also, while we grant our users the utmost discretion and freedom, there is no guaranteed right of free speech (or right toward anything else, for that matter) in this community, and we make no guarantees at all about its operation, its moderation or its policies; the Forum is operated solely at the leisure of the Forum Moderators, in their free time, and no user is guaranteed the right to be here as a participant.

Should enquiries be made by the any gamebook rights holder or other company about your email/IP address because of concerns over the protection of their interests, with those concerns being judged reasonable and legitimate by the forum administration, please note that we will cooperate with them fully.

By both registering for this Forum and agreeing to these rules, you agree that you alone, in a legally binding agreement, are responsible for the content of your own posts and chatroom statements, and you agree to hold harmless Fightign Fantazine, its administrators and moderators and other staff members, its registered posters, and/or ProBoards, Inc. for any content viewed, read or downloaded herein. You therefore agree that, by using this discussion Forum and/or chat room, you shall indemnify and hold the owner of Fighting Fantazine, the Forum's staff members, ProBoards, Inc., their staff, and agents, harmless from and against any liability (including libel and slander), claims, damages, losses, costs and expenses (including attorneys' fees) relating to any acts or omissions by users or to materials or information transmitted by users in connection with the use of the website, chat rooms or discussion Forum. Posting to the Forum is not possible without manually clicking "I AGREE (to these rules)" and your posts are held as proof that you have agreed. You understand that each message expresses the views of its author, and not necessarily the views of the Forum directors, administrators or staff or any entity associated with the website or any other organization. Any information contained in this Forum is delivered "as-is" without any form of warranty expressed or implied. Any use of the information contained within is solely at your own risk.

If any of the provisions of these rules are held to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason, such invalidity or unenforceability shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the other provisions of these rules.

Should enquiries be made by any law enforcement agency about your email/IP address or any publicly (in forum) disclosed information, for any reason, please note that we will cooperate with them fully.

7. Additional Forum Rules and Regulations

More detailed rules and less stringent guidelines are found in the Forum FAQ.

Multiple Accounts: Fighting Fantazine requires all members to use ONE and ONLY ONE account, for all circumstances. Anyone using multiple accounts or sharing accounts with others without the express permission of the Forum administrator (only in special cases) are at risk to have ALL their handles banned from use in our Forum.

Member Names: Name changes are permitted only once every four months., counting either from the member's join date or the date of a previous name change (whichever is later). Please post name change requests in the appropriate thread in "Forum Info" section. Names of living OR dead celebrities and other public figures (e.g. "Steve Jackson") are not allowed unless it can be proven that it is the real name of the member.

Privacy: Never publicly post the contents of any communication that is meant to be private. Generally, privately received communications from service desks, companies, and other senders offering basic information designed for public knowledge are exempt from this due to the nature of their contents; however, the staff will make final judgment on whether a publicly posted private communication breaks this rule.

Profanity Filter: Some profanity will automatically be edited by the software. Deliberate attempts to get around the profanity filter (for example, using special characters or spacing so the word is not filtered) are a violation of our terms of service and members may be disciplined. Please understand that the profanity filter is not intelligent. Do not get offended or complain if an innocent word gets partially censored because of filtering. There's nothing we can do about it - the filter allows "includes" but not "excludes".

Graphics: Member Avatars: We not only allow but also encourage people to use avatars, the small pictures below a person's handle on their messages. The Forum maintains a large library of avatars for use by its members. We do, however, restrict avatars to exclude those featuring nudity, harsh language, those that feature visual suggestions of hate (such as swastikas), and those that otherwise violate regular Forum rules. Should your personal avatar be found unacceptable, usually the aforementioned examples, a change of avatars will be required (and will often be done by the staff).

Graphics: Signature Graphics: Graphics (except for emoticons) are not permitted in member signatures and will be removed if found.

Graphics: Inline Images: Images may be placed within a member's post ("inline"). These images must not be "hotlinked" to a site that is not under the member's own control (such as posting an inline image hotlinked directly to the BBC site). Members should only use their own web hosting or image hosting space when posting inline images. Inline images that violate this policy will be changed to plain text URL links, or (in some cases) deleted. Remember that hotlinking to other websites is bandwidth theft, a practice that is not permitted on the Forum. Inline images must be no wider than 800 pixels. If a member posts an image wider than 800 pixels, it will be changed to a plain text URL link, or (in some cases) deleted.

Account Deletion: Please be aware that under no circumstances will any account ever be deleted. No exceptions. Consult the FAQ for instructions on how to get your account closed if you wish to do so.

Server Login Attempts: If we log what appears to be a registered member attempting to gain access to our server via any unauthorized means, we reserve the right to close that member's account.

We reserve the right to terminate any user's membership for any reason at any time.